Why are we here?

Written by:  Cherie Derrick, Summer 2000

A few months ago my husband was talking to me about what I really wanted to do with our dye-sublimation printing business.  He mentioned that I seem to be most happy when I am teaching others what I have learned about the processes, products, equipment and software.  He suggested that with my love of computers and the internet, that I build a web-site to provide the industry with a place to meet and share information.  I soon knew he was correct in his observation and I started the search for a domain name, hence the birth of dyesub.org.

In the mean time Michael Knight started the Dye Sublimation and Specialty Imprinting forum on Delphi.  Since Mike and I had a common goal (and actually a common background in computers), we hit it off great the first time we spoke on the phone.  Mike asked me to help moderate the forum which I quickly accepted.  We soon recruited Marianne Becktel to also be a moderator as she also seems to have that need to help others and has a vast knowledge of the industry.

A few short weeks after starting the forum Mike was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to focus his energy towards recovery.  Unfortunately, Michael Knight passed away on July 10, 2000.

The forum Mike started is living on and so is my intent to continue to build membership in the forum and to start the construction of this site.   Over the next few months, I'm sure you will find links broken and missing information but if you can please bear with me during the building phase I am certain we will have a great information source for dye sublimation and digital imprinters! 

As always, happy pressing!

Cherie Derrick